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 Read Before Applying.

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PostSubject: Read Before Applying.   Fri Sep 25, 2009 5:01 am

Hi Guy's,
So you want to Join Gunz of fury? Well this is where you will do it below you will find a form, please just copy it, and paste it into a "new topic" so one of our officers can view and add you to clan, Also Please make sure you add our Leader, and the Comanding Officers (this will speed up process) You can find a list off all our members HERE please feel very welcome to add all our members if you wish but Make sure you add the C.O's.

Anyway Please copy the following and paste into a new Subject

Mic? (y/n)
K : D ratio? (not important but we like to know)
Speciality? (Sniper/Gunner/Camper/machine gunner/ runner)
Tell us a little about yourself, Past clans etc:

Just so we know a little about you Very Happy
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Read Before Applying.
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